Solace is a chronic-pain intervention developed for the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU).


One on five adult Dutch people (2,25 million people) struggles with chronic pain. When they have gone through chronic pain rehabilitation, usually 30-70% falls back into their old behavioural patterns. Resulting in chronic pain patients to continue the rehabilitation. However, due to the high cost of healthcare, it is not possible to realise this. Furthermore, the whole purpose of rehabilitation is to teach patients new behavioural patterns, giving them the ability to take care of themselves by self-management.


Leading to the question: How can we develop an intervention for chronic pain patients to prevent relapse after rehabilitation? After six months of co-design research, Solace was born. We worked together with the University, health care and of course the patients themselves in order to come up with this chronic-pain intervention.


Concept: Rianne Schaekens & Deloryan Hommers
Proof-of-concept: Rianne Schaekens & Deloryan Hommers
Design: Rianne Schaekens
Date: 2016