Content Management


With the 8th director 10 years time, it was time for a massive cleanup. Time for rebranding! They received a whole new branding and website for the school. However, in order to be able to get the website online, the CMS needed to be filled with new content. They had everything in order, texts were mostly ready, photos were taken by a photographer. But who is going to fill the CMS with the summer holidays nearing!? So much to do and so little time!


Well… Studio Deloryan to the rescue! Within just a week time we filled the CMS and transferred their flyers, folders and even the school booklet into the new branding style. Even their e-mail signatures are completely set up in their new style.


Content Management: Deloryan Hommers
Technical Help Desk: Deloryan Hommers
Date: 2018 – present