So… How much?


A package for every need

Website packages

Studio Deloryan creates your website by using a WordPress template as a base. This ensures a fast and affordable realisation of your website! Of course, we make sure to design this based on your wishes and needs. We always customize the theme a bit to give your site that little bit extra, making sure it doesn’t look like your average WP website.


After the website is finished, Studio Deloryan will give you a theme and SEO instruction, making sure you can maintain the website yourself. Of course, you can also choose to outsource this us by using our prepaid cards for example.

  • Re-design

  • 500+/mo
    • 1 – 5 pages
    • Basic SEO
    • Re-design existing website
    • + € 32,50 per extra page
    • * Web shops excluded

  • Website

  • 1250+/mo
    • WordPress website (1 – 6 pages)
    • Responsive theme installation
    • Basic SEO
    • Blog
    • Contact form (1)
    • Linked social accounts
    • + € 32,50 per extra page

  • Web shops

  • 1950+/mo
    • WordPress website (1 – 10 pages)
    • Responsive theme installation
    • Basic SEO
    • Blog
    • Contact form (1)
    • Linked social accounts
    • One extra revision round
    • WooCommerce integration (with Mollie)
    • + €32,50 per extra page

All packages include:

  • Thorough testing on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE11+
  • Website live-process
  • One revision round during the design process
  • One revision round before the live process
  • Theme & SEO explanation of ± 1,5 hour after the website is live

Purchase our services in advance

Prepaid card

A popular option is our prepaid card. Similar to a prepaid subscription for your phone, you buy this prepaid card in advance only to use it later. Our prepaid cards are sold per 8 tickets (1 ticket = 1 hour). Meaning that we provide 8 hours of service for you whenever you want. Prepaid cards can be used for all of our services, including advice, support, content management, site adjustments and updates!


Since you purchase a prepaid card in advance you receive 1 ticket for free per card!


* Note that our prepaid cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

  • Prepaid card

  • 455/mo
    • 8 tickets (inc. 1 free ticket!)
    • 1 hour per ticket
    • Payment upfront
    • Valid for 1 year

Invoice after the job is done

Hourly rates

As soon as you start working with Studio Deloryan, you will have various payment options. You can select our prepaid cards (and receive a nice discount), pay per hour or per package.


Per hour
When you pay us by the hour, you will receive an invoice after the work has been completed. In case you need our immediate assistance, we’ll drop everything we’re working on to help you out. Our planned tasks will be moved to a different day and as such we’re asking a higher price for rush jobs.

  • Hourly rate

  • 65/mo
    • Per hour
    • Payment afterwards

  • Rush job?

  • 80/mo
    • Per hour
    • Payment afterwards


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