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Horse Reality

Our realistic genetics system allows you to breed horses which can inherit their colours and genes almost true to life. The countless gene combinations of colours, potential, exterior and health ensure that every horse is unique. Join Horse Reality now and set up your own horse estate!

Wanna work here? 


Tanya (29) – Community Manager


Why did you start working at Studio Deloryan?
When I saw the art back in beta I was really excited, I love horses and this looked like a great game. Strangely enough, the job was posted on a website I also happened to be on so I immediately jumped onto the opportunity. During the interview, it was obvious Deloryan and I had a lot more in common than just horses. I thought it would be a great project and a great team, so I signed on!


What did you study?
I have a special BA with 3 majors. Scriptwriting, literary creations, and video game studies. Possibly later, a specialty degree in narrative game design.


What do you do in your spare time?
I do art, writing, Rp’ing, DnD, and game!