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The history

Studio Deloryan
since 2013


Studio Deloryan is an independent game development studio founded by me, Deloryan Hommers. My first creative spark to create games emerged in 2011. I was playing horse games as there was no money for a real horse. On one of those games, I met Tamara van den Berg, a fellow horse addict. While playing mostly fictive and fantasy based horse games, we both felt the need for something more realistic. Once we started talking, the ideas kept flowing forth like a waterfall.

During the time, we both didn’t know how to develop a game yet. Which is why I started studying Communication & Multimedia Design. I knew the basics of creating websites but needed to learn more in order to create concepts, develop and design. At the same time, Tamara just finished her Biology degree. She was working part-time and in her spare time, she did a lot of research on equine colour genetics.  That partnership gave birth to Horse Reality, the first game of Studio Deloryan.

- Deloryan Hommers

First game

Horse Reality

Horse Reality is a free-to-play horse MMORPG with exquisite images, set in the real world with a realistic breeding and colour genetic system. Build your own estate and breed horses to perfect the bloodlines or colours. Travel around the world to gather feral horses and bargain with other players.


People we work with

While the studio is mostly led by Deloryan, with Tamara by her side. The base of a game is set by the skills of your artists and developers. We have searched for the best artists for Horse Reality and will definitely continue to work with them on new games.

These are the freelancers we frequently work with:

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