Creative Studio

Creating Games &

WordPress Sites

Getting it out of your head


We develop and publish our games with the help of our community. By working together we try to get the best out of our games. Whilst working on our own games, we can also help you to let your game come to life!


Studio Deloryan is specialized in the organization and project management of browser games. We can help you write down the idea(s) and create a clear image of what you want your game to be like.

Website Realisation


Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer who needs help creating that perfect website for your business? Let Studio Deloryan help you!


We can create a website based on your wishes and needs, using a WordPress template as the base. This will ensure a fast and affordable realisation of your website! We can help you out with customization as well, to make sure it doesn’t look like the average WP theme.


Once everything is done, we’ll schedule a meeting to show you how this theme works. Making sure you can continue to use the website by yourself and you don’t need our help regularly.


When all is done, you can open up a bottle of champagne and celebrate the launch of your website!

Doing what we love!

Project Showcase

We are continuously working on Horse Reality, our self-produced horse simulation game. We really love making games. If you could use some help, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to talk with a fellow game maker!


Besides working on Horse Reality, we make websites for freelancers and small to medium business owners. We make a website based on a WordPress template, meaning we can realise a website quickly without costing a fortune.


Get in touch!